Saturday, 25 November 2017

Odds And Ends 02

This is a vex-driven cube fold/unfold using a hierarchy of matrices in a parent/child relationship. Crazily useless!

hipnc file

Odds And Ends 01

I thought I would collate together some of the scenes I've been experimenting on and posting on forums - more for my own reference than anything else!

The first is based on an ICE setup for grooming feathers that Psyop demoed a few years ago. It establishes a local reference frame on each point and then interpolates between multiple guide nulls to orient 'feathers' relative to that local orientation. I was hoping to use the new array slerp vex function introduced in 16.0/16.5 but I couldn't get predictable results from it so reverted back to a rough and ready 'piecewise' quaternion slerp to get a weighted average. I am absolutely positive there are much simpler ways in Houdini to achieve the same effect!

hipnc file