Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Dart Throw Custom ICE Node for Softimage 2010

3rd July 2013: Please note: the latest, updated,  version of Dart Throw is here.

I've just finished off a custom ICE node in C++ utilising the new geometry features in the 2010 SDK. The node will let you position random, non-overlapping points on any polygonal geometry. The more iterations you use, the more 'packed' the distribution will be.


The nodes are packaged in a RAR file as an Addon with a sample scene here:

0.9b (Latest version)


It's a beta release a the moment, so please let me know if you have any problems/suggestions. Since it uses features only available in Softimage 2010, it won't work in earlier versions.


  1. Hi Julian, great node, very usefull! Is it possible to use the node on a basic emiter, I am trying to emit sphere from a hair scalp making some graphic blackpower hair but I need the spheres/particles not to intersect each other. I tryed to use your node but did not figure a way to conect the point (yellow) output anywhere in the basic emitter tree... is it possible or eve make sense?

    1. Andre - I think the only way it might work is to feed the output of the Dart Throw node into an Emit from Point Position emitter...